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Thursday, October 27, 2011

Just some thoughts on smoking.

So smokers have come under some pretty heavy fire and criticism over the last few years. I suppose it's easy to understand. It's not the most pleasant habit in the world to say the least. It smells, its not pleasant to inhale smoke (unless you are partaking) and, of course, it's not good for you.

With that being said, I have to say what I reject about how unpopular smoking is become is the people who become absolute zealots on the subject. And then, of course, government has to jump into the act too. (Why is that always what happens, by the way?) I still don't understand how it's government's authority, or jurisdiction, to tell a business what they can allow in their business. Unless it's something outrageously illegal, shouldn't this be left up to the owner of the business?

Maybe I'm beating a dead horse, but I really feel like it's stepping on people's liberties and choices. I don't advocate that everyone starts lighting up stogies wherever they go, as you should be mindful of others around you, but on the other hand, let people make up their own minds. We're supposed to be informed citizens here, not obedient disciples.

My school, County College of Morris, passed the most ridiculous smoking ban a couple of years ago. The ban was outright. No smoking on campus. The only time smoking is permissible is in your car, in the parking lot, with the windows all the way up. If you just said WHAT?! really loud, you had about the same reaction I did when I first heard of this ridiculous ban, except followed by THE FUCK after the what. Isn't college supposed to be about teaching us to make our own decisions? To become adults? Not some nanny school where they say, "You're all adults now, you make your own choices. Except for THAT! Are you crazy? Don't you know that that is bad for you?" What garbage. The school, when the ban was passed, said it was to deter people from smoking and for their "Clean Air Initiative." HA! Clean air. This is the same school that pretty much forces all their students to drive themselves to the school, with over 14 parking lots, and yet still has no emphasis or even TRIES for public transportation to school. That's gotta be better for the air...cough, cough. And really? That's bad for you? How much money has been pumped into anti-smoking propaganda and warning labels and taking the tobacco industry to court over every little thing? Too much. If someone doesn't know about the dangers of smoking by now, I don't know what the problem is.

The other problem with the ban is that people DON'T STOP SMOKING. You're not going to get people to stop, nor should you. Just set up designated smoking areas. Then everyone wins. People who don't want to be around smokers won't go near the smoking areas. Now, instead, whenever you come out of Demare Hall you're greeted by 70 kids huddled in a mass smoking cigarettes, and breathe in enough of the stuff to equal about a pack in the twenty steps past the doors. It makes no sense.

My main point is to let people make their own choices. Let's not jump down people's throats for doing something that they enjoy, and if they're doing it respectfully, get off them. Just my thoughts.

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